Monday, January 3, 2011

Dance sisters dance!

Wow! This is my first January drawing and it's the 3rd already. Did not get my social security check, which is a HUGE BUMMER!!! I have Millie's car and could have done my shopping, but NO!

Well, something really good did happen. Gaby called me. She has moved into her new place and has a new phone number and since I had the car, Riley and I went over to visit her. Her place is really nice. Her view looks out onto woods! Right here in downtown Maple Ridge. Beautiful. It was so good to see her - I haven't seen her since August when she came to Tammy's and my opening. This drawing is in honor of her and her new hobby - ballroom dancing! These ladies are wearing their ballroom dancing shoes and are ready to dance. Happy dancing Gaby!!!

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