Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Horticulture Society

Tammy my artist friend gave me a ride to Dr. Hyams office to see his nurse Tammy to get my medication adjusted. Tomorrow I will go to the Senior Women's Craft thing in the morning and to the hospital in the afternoon to have ultrsound and injection of my hip bursa. It helped a lot last time, and the second time is supposed to last longer. I think a lot of the pain in my lower back is from the trigger point injections. I had that problem last time and he said he would use a different medication next time. I wonder if he remembered. Everything seems so chaotic there.

Two women two flowers. One might be a nursing mom or she might be fat like me. I forgot to color their faces so I did it in photoshop.

I made brown rice to have with my curried cabbage soup. It was excellent. I am enjoying having the goodies Becca sent me to nibble on!

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