Monday, January 10, 2011

White Boots

I started out thinking about Central and Eastern European Stacking Dolls. But she has pants on - perhaps a modern twist! Today I had my annual mammogram. The technician was unnecessarily rough. She was pushing me toward the machine and at the same time pushing me sideways so that she was pinching my skin over my ribs really hard. I moved away and told her she was hurting me and she said "it's supposed to hurt"!!!! What a bitch. Yes, flattening the breasts to pancakes is pretty uncomfortable. But this was just either mean or ignorant.

Made a good cabbage soup today with some ground turkey breast and hot sausages. Added a bit too much curry powder from the spices Judy sent me from (I think) Turkey. If it still seems too strong tomorrow I can add something to cut it a bit. I boiled a small winter squash and a potato and pureed them in the cooking water to add. Basically a really good soup - and pretty healthy too.

Got home from my mammogram and there was a package for me sitting on the steps, from my niece in Alaska. Home made goodies which she mailed (I think) on December 16, 2010! I was tremendously moved by her thoughtfulness. What a sweetie! Thanks facebook for all the wonderful re-connections. I'm not even gonna talk about Canada Post except to say that I sent my daughter a card which took 3 weeks to get there. Nuff said!

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