Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Spy With My Little Eye

8" x 11" in my new large store bought drawing journal. It is fun to get back to larger drawings. Finished this today and finished the smaller journal drawing and made a new smaller journal drawing. Also went to Senior Crafters and had unremitting back pain. The nurse at Dr. Hyams suggested that my itching, which is often over inflamed joints, may be a type of pain. I hadn't thought of that. Today was earthquake drill day - I think all over BC. At the Pitt Meadows Senior Center staff came in to warn us. There's a day care center there too. We were given the option not to huddle under the table and all of us chose that. If there were an earthquake I am sure we would find a way to get under the tables, but none of us "old ladies" chose to practice!!!!

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