Saturday, January 8, 2011

"What Colour is the Sun?"

ATCs today. Many nice things were said about mine. They liked the ones that came out the wrong colour too! I bought some more gel pens - only buying metallic and sparkly ones now. Finished the first section of my little journal this evening. Had lunch with Chris and Faye at Organic World restaurant. I don't know how they can keep their prices so low! And their food so fantastic!!! I have to figure out a way to get together with Faye for an art making date... I need also to find out if I can travel on city transport - buses - with Riley. Of course he couldn't go to Faye's as she has cats galore! Haroldine was giving away stuff - she gave me some glue which she doesn't carry anymore so I can make some more Christmas tree balls. And some jewelry parts for my doll making. Some of them make me think of breast plates for Amazons. We will see! I have my next beaded doll project ready to start.

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