Thursday, February 3, 2011

me, again

or, falling to pieces! My right hip is in agony. Coming home from a smallish shop I thought I was going to have to go to the emergency room. I carried in the frozen stuff and got it in the freezer and took my pain medicine, and sat down for half an hour, then carried in the rest in one trip because I was not going to make it up the stairs again. As it was I had to go up each step with my left leg first. And that is an accomplishment, what with my left knee, let me tell you! So I went to Roots, then city hall to pay the dog license - with late fee because I didn't have $25 last month! Bummer. Then went to the organic meat market and bought probably enough meat for the month for less than $40 - and it was more meat than I usually eat! Then Save On for a few items. Gaby said she lost 50 pounds eating just meat and fruit and vegetables. I will probably add in occasional whole grains. But with the organic meat market and Langley Farm Market, I can eat better and stay off the inside isles of the grocery store, where the BAD FOOD lives!

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