Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh look, Gladys, the new cheer leader uniforms are in!"

Sweaters and long skirts - what decade was this? Vote for your favorite uniform.

I have a new love seat and recliner - new to me. Millie's friend Larry gave them to me. He and a friends moved the sofa out onto the front balcony, and moved Millie's iron table and chairs over to Millie's. The recliner is very comfortable after the sofa/recliner. I guess that by the time things work their way down to me they are just in pretty bad shape. The love seat has foam cushions and is also pretty comfortable. I don't know about being long enough to sleep on. But I do have the foam cushion in the spare room.

I brought home some newspapers to wrap china and dragons and pigs for packing up. Tomorrow Millie and I are going to the recycling place - I with my record player. It isn't any great shakes, and Judy doesn't want it.

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