Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring is Coming

Went out to lunch with Millie today. She was hungering for a Big Mac after 6 weeks "in the bush". So we went to MacDonald's and before we could get out of the car a gentleman knocked on the car window to tell us we had a flat tire. So she called her friend Larry who came over right away and changed her tire for her and we went to the tire place and she left off her tire to be repaired and dropped me off. I notice my empty parking spot. I don't usually. I got used to having a car after 6 weeks. It was awesome.

My right thigh in the front hurts so much I cannot climb one step with it. Have to go up like a little kid. Climb step with my right leg and bring my left leg up. Repeat to top of stairs.

I like my sun with all the plants reaching up to the light and warmth. Spring soon.

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