Monday, April 11, 2011

Bringing Baby Home

Oh gosh my face is red! I missed Riley's birthday. It was April 6 and he was 5 years old. Poor neglected dog!
I had a good day. Got started on a card, and while the paint was drying I decided to make the buttonhole on Tammy's pillowcase. I had the Viking set up but couldn't find the instruction manual. So I got out the Singer and the manual was packed with it. But then I couldn't find the box of attachments for the buttonhole foot. So in clearing off my sewing table to find the Singer attachments I found the Viking instruction manual, so tomorrow I will switch back to the Viking and make me a buttonhole!!!
Heather is coming over tomorrow to help me work on the spare room. I want to get it at least somewhat presentable for Jean's visit. I finished packing up the cups for my Judy's china and stored the box under the sewing table. I hope to move the sewing table into the spare room, but for now this is good.

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