Thursday, April 28, 2011

Long Tall Sally x 2

Jean's here! She came down from Seattle for a 2 day conference. I managed to fix up her room to be within acceptable limits, fresh clean sheets and blanket, clean towels laid out for her, a bedside lamp and cleaned to dog poo out of the carpet from when the room was full to the brim and it had dried before I found it. I picked it up when I found it but the dried part I couldn't scrub out because of my pain and constant exhaustion. I was totally sweaty and tired after making up the mattress and scrubbing the rug and moving out and clearing out a cupboard I wanted in the kitchen. Cleared out the one in the kitchen and exchanged it with the one from the spare room. Scrubbed off to dust and stains and put away the stuff from the kitchen in the good cupboard and parked the other one in the hall outside the bathroom until I can get more stuff cleared out of the spare room and figure out how to have my sewing room and spare bedroom in there!!!

It was a good day.

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