Saturday, April 30, 2011

The New Dress

Had an amazing day! I was going to make split pea soup with a huge ham hock I bought at Organic World and discovered I didn't have any split peas! So I called my neighbor Flo as it looked like it was about to really pour out and she agreed to take me to Save On Foods and I rushed out and got my split peas - the soup is great by the way!

Then my friend Laura from my fibro group called and invited me to go shopping in Langley with her. I got amazing purple with white polka dots knee high rubber boots - good for heavy rain walking Riley, and with warm socks good for deep snow, which we do sometimes have - and I only have ankle leather boots - not so great for snow - I get snow inside boots - yuck!
Also got awesome runners - black, magenta and silver from Dr. Scholls, with gel insoles! For longer walks with Riley!!! And to the doctor, dentist and grocery store. I can't wait to see if they help with the knee and hip pain - and maybe even the toe pain! The clogs I wear in inclement weather have no arch support and are old, very old!

Came home and finished the soup and Jean got back from her conference and we had a great talk, as usual!

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