Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mary, does this dress make me look fat?

Ah, our ever increasing concern with appearance and especially with weight!!! Bad culture, go to your room!!!!
I had a really nice day. To start with I slept all night last night and awoke rested for the first time since I got sick. It was just awesome. Then Millie and I ran around doing some errands she needed to do. We went to dollar store and I was able to put back the two craft items I had put in my basket and leave the craft isle!!!! Good Ann, go to the head of the line!!
Then I took Millie home and Riley and I went in and we had a very nice visit - old Doug was there, and I hadn't seen him since I asked him to move his boat, so I especially wanted to make sure no hard feelings. He was his taciturn self, but things seemed OK.
Last night I was totally jonesing for ice cream and called a couple of friends. One was not feeling well and one was not home. Hung up and the phone rang - it was Arnie, Sal's widower. He asked me if I wanted to go out for dinner. I had just eaten but told him I would be delighted to eat dessert while he ate dinner. It was good - we talked a lot and I told him about his son, Adam's, prank and how much it upset me. It felt good to finally get that out in the open. I tried to talk to Adam after it happened and he made himself unavailable. So, all in all, I am feeling well, and thinking about starting a new project before I give the lecture to the Vancouver Embroiderers Club - something flat, based on one of my drawings.

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