Friday, May 6, 2011

The Green Star Nebula

Had a poor night's sleep last night but an active and productive day! Shopped for fruit and veggies, set up my new printer, made a lot of spaghetti sauce, mailed cards to Betsy for our trade, and a fairy card to Zemirah and a card to Judy. Getting on the ball!!! Two more pages to go to finish the green journal. Then seriously, drawings to sell.

Something funny happened with setting up the printer. Got it all done and successfully printed their test print. Worked on Photoshop making ATCs from my magnolia photographs, and when I tried to print I couldn't even turn the printer on. So I unloaded the printer software and re-did it all. Then went over to the printer and noticed that the power cord had fallen out. No electricity = no print! It is very hard to plug in and doesn't feel very secure. But it prints. Unfortunately, it doesn't print photo quality at the present settings. I will try to fiddle around with it. It was pretty expensive, and the salesman really tried to sell me the more expensive model. Perhaps I should have listened to him!!!

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