Wednesday, June 15, 2011

From a Fragment of an Embroidery

I saw a fragment of an embroidery on the cover of an art journal, and was inspired to start this drawing with simple marks on paper. Then it kind of drew itself.

Another day of mostly rest for me and my right hip and left knee! My back seems to be mostly recovered. I did make spaghetti sauce today. I had some whole wheat linguini, and it was good. I am trying to put some Turmeric in any kind of sauce or stew, for it's health benefits.

Not walking much yet. Bummer about that as I was walking so much for a short while, and it was wonderful.

There rioting in Vancouver after the home team lost the Stanley cup. Way to show support to the team who are probably feeling awful already. I like the kindergarden way - don't keep score. Everybody wins!

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