Monday, June 13, 2011

A summary

This Saturday my friends Laurie and Rob came over and Rob dismantled the Entertainment Center and the China Cabinet. I had spent a couple of days working all day at packing away what needed packing and moving all the videos, CDs, and music tapes to the new (old) shelving, as well as the Cd/Tape player and speakers. I left the TV, DVD/Video Tape Player for Rob to move as the cable guy got it running and I didn't want to mess it up again. I carried stuff from the living room to the door, fetched things Rob needed and kept tea and ice water running for everyone. It was a really hot evening. Laurie carried everything downstairs, then packed it all in her van.

Sunday Laurie and I worked all day on dismantling the couch - which had two recliner seats built in. And I did my laundry!

Monday we finished taking it apart and loaded it into the van, took everything to the recycling (for steel) and the dump (for all the rest). I am exhausted but delighted! Tomorrow I want to put the living room back together, take a shower and do the dishes. And spend some quality time with my feet up and a good book!!!!

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