Monday, June 6, 2011


I walked to Dr. Pattinson's office with my little box cart for groceries later. She is going to refer me to the Psychiatrist in her office. She is new there, and sees patients for medication and for counseling. And I can walk there! Awesome. My right hip is killing me. I don't know what happened but walking home with the little cart full of groceries was painful and exhausting. I noticed that pulling the cart behind me pulls on my hip - perhaps the source of my relapse hip-pain-wise.

Have been in a slump artistically for awhile now. Unable to tackle a beading project, or to get working on my etsy store. Decorated the outside of the last wooden box today. Sold one last Saturday for $10.

Riley looks so skinny since his haircut. He is definitely more handsome with his hair longer. Still the same dog, the same personality, but unrecognizable physically. His legs really look sturdy when his hair is long, but now they look like twigs!

Want to buy a bus pass. It is expensive to pay every time I ride the bus, plus I often don't have any money by the end of the month, and rarely have the right change.  I want to be more mobile. I can't figure out how to get it. Putting out feelers to friends who might know how. I might have to live in Canada for 10 years to be eligible for a bus pass. It will be 10 years in September 2012.

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