Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weaving with Color

I've had a few days of not doing any art. Yesterday I finished the last of the wooden boxes. Today I returned to drawing on paper. I prefer the drawings that leave some open space. Saturday I went to ATCs, and then to Diana's 75th birthday party. I gave her a really nice necklace. In a tin box suitable for altering!

While at Haroldine's, where we meet for ATCs, I bought some more of the pens I use and some refill ink for 4 (it's expensive) of my dried up Copic markers, and some Eco-Friendly Acrylic Paints. I have one or two large canvases here that I brought with me from Ann Arbor, and a bunch of really small ones I bought in Detroit. I want to create some paintings, that refer to my drawings, or not. I will see.

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