Sunday, December 26, 2010

Blue Thunder

This was a fun drawing - so many possible titles - "The Pickle People" or "Striped Dog" or "Dragon Fly-ing". How to choose a title??? One of the many issues an artist faces. Some cop out and just call everything "Untitled". I have always thought that was pure arrogance and if you don't care enough about your art to give it a title, don't think about it or love it enough why should I or anyone bother with it either. That was before I started drawing a lot. I can always come up for a name for one of my dolls - I just have to get to know them a bit - like a new puppy. But some of my more abstract drawings I confess to calling simply "12/23 & 24/10" or "Marks on Paper", although I do think "Marks on Paper" has a bit more validity, but then all of my drawings are marks on paper, eh? So how do I come up with names - or titles - for my work? I study it, with mind and heart and soul and usually something comes to me.

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